About me

Physical Chemist

I study chemistry at the Ruhr University Bochum and focus on the fields of physical chemistry and surface science. While trying to get a more advanced insight into theoretical chemical approaches and molecular simulation techniques.

Investigating and learning how the world works from the smaller to the bigger picture always fascinated me and I occasionally tend to explain things way to ambitionally.


I ride my bicycle. A lot, almost everywhere. Not only because it is a lot of fun, but because I think it plays an important role of tackling the problems of modern, mostly urban, individual personal transport.

Scuba diver and trainer

Scuba diving played an important role during my time as a teenager and young adult. Learning how to teach and help others to get started with their life as a scuba diver is a great experience.

Nowadays I just occasionally go diving. Hopefully this changes to the better in the near future.

Open source and Free Software

Just after graduating high school I began looking into alternative concepts of computing environments and tools. First steps were made with Debian Linux on a Raspberry Pi and starting to host my own mailserver alongside a virtual private network service. Being fascinated about the ecosystem and capabilities of open source software and projects I began to gradually change my personal desktop experience as well.

The following years I have started to attend Free and Open Source conferences like FrOsCon and OpenRheinRuhr and socialise with like-minded people. Avoiding proprietary software is a hard effort, especially in an academic or NGO context. Although I never stopped to promote the use of open document formats and standard to relatives, friends and colleagues. This does include non-proprietary chat and social media platforms as well as self-hosted cloud services. I strongly encourage the use of modern cryptography for the masses to protect private data.

To this day I run a couple of servers as a hobby and playground aswell as some semi-professional IT-services mainly for non-profit organisations.

Midst of 2018 I firstly visited the hacker space Das Labor e.V. in Bochum and gratefully joined them January 2019.